The Centre Quaker de Congénies, unique in France, it is the only purpose-built meetinghouse in Europe. It serves the growing Languedoc group of Friends and the village communities of the area, and is a base for regional outreach of France Yearly Meeting. Now that most of the conversion work is completed the centre is increasingly becoming a meeting place for Friends and other like-minded people worldwide.

Why do we still need money?

  • First, to complete the exterior restoration works, rebuild stone boundary walls in the burial ground and garden and to help repay the loan that enableed us to buy the property
  • Second, to equip it better to meet the needs of its users.
  • Third, to pay certain expenses of volunteers who have made and continue to make vital contributions to the improvement and running of the Centre.
  • Fourth, to pay for certain essential services which demand professional skills or for which volunteers cannot be found.

We are very grateful to other European Quaker Meetings including Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands and in America for their support. We also raise money from accommodation charges, membership fees and grants. But all these are still not sufficient to do all we wish - your donations can make the difference.

Please make a donation...

If you would like to give, or give again, to make a donation, loan or legacy, please send a cheque (in euros, US$ or £ sterling, but please not CAF charity cheques or charity card payments).

Cheques in euros payable to "Assoc Centre Quaker de Congénies" should be sent to the Treasurer:
Judy Kashoff, Centre Quaker Congenies, 11 Avenue des Quakers, 30111 Congenies. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bank transfers should be sent to the Account "Amis quakers de Congénies" at :

Crédit Coopératif


49 Av. Jean Jaures
CS 24004
30918 Nimes Cedex 2 

Account number: 41020000725 EUR
IBAN FR76 4255 9000 3741 0200 0072 506

Cheques in euro, dollars or pounds sterling should be payable to "Assoc Centre Quakers de Congénies"
Send to:

Centre Quaker de Congénies

11 Avenue des Quakers

30111 Congénies, France



Maison Quaker
11 avenue des Quakers
30111 Congénies